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Copyrite Business Solutions are proud to be the exclusive host of Worldox Cloud UK – Worldox’s award-winning document management solution in the cloud.

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Why Worldox Cloud?

Worldox is a comprehensive document management solution making the paperless office a reality.

It gives you a holistic view of all your clients’ paperwork where every single piece of information relating to your client is accessible allowing you to work more efficiently and increase the speed of your response to queries and new business.

Worldox Cloud UK offers this functionality without the need to invest in expensive computer hardware or manage the document management system in-house. There is only a simple monthly fee.

Download Our Brochure: ‘Why Worldox? – Business Benefits’

“Worldox Cloud is an ideal document management system for me because my firm is small and I have no dedicated IT department. Whether working at my desk, visiting clients, or in a hotel room, I have complete access to all of my client documents at all times, and have no concerns about keeping the servers running or the software up to date, or backing up my data. Integrating with Microsoft Outlook and the Fujitsu ScanSnap s1500 scanner, Worldox Cloud is the perfect complement to a hosted Exchange solution and online research services for a small practice professional like me.”
-David Thompson

Reduced cost of managing paper documents

  • All documents are stored digitally and firms can integrate all file access through a single interface. Document Management is centralised and completely controlled
  • Office space is created by reducing paper storage
  • Off-site storage costs are reduced
  • Scanning integration achieves cost savings by preventing lost documents and reducing wasted staff time. Scanned files can be saved and profiled immediately

Reduced risk associated with client information and documents

  • Fine-grained security settings prohibits unauthorised use
  • Audit trails ensure that all data can be tracked and remain confidential
  • Data is stored in a secure datacentre in the UK
  • Securely access documents over any internet connection
  • Disaster recovery protection with automated, frequent backups

Increased efficiency and productivity

  • Firms can respond rapidly to deal with customer issues and handle new business opportunities
  • Integration with standard applications including Microsoft Outlook ensures ease of use, increased productivity and enables collaboration throughout firms
  • Time is saved on switching between different programs and folders.
  • Any document can be retrieved in seconds using a full content search, eliminating the costs for recreating content
  • Scalable implementation lets firms readily add or remove users as needed.
  • Expert technical support delivered by Copyrite’s dedicated helpdesk
  • Support is included in your monthly subscription cost.


Hosted in the UK All your data is securely hosted in a UK data centre.

Automated, frequent back-ups in our cloud servers.

No on-site servers or other hardware needed.

Completely secure. Meets rigorous standards for data communication and integrity.

Flexible, remote access. At the office, at home, at client sites—mobility anywhere, anytime.

No hidden costs. Email management, local backup copy, client matter update automation and more, are included in the base price.

World-class technical support. Best-in-the- business, award-winning customer phone and online support are included.

World-class technical support. Best-in-the- business, award-winning customer phone and online support are included.

Full featured PDF Editing Suite

Zero Download Technology for amazingly fast launching of large PDF files.

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